Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bath and Body Works

Hi guys. So about a year now iv'e been obsessed with Bath and Body works candles. I feel in love with the scent Pomegranate Lemonade at first and now I love most of the scents they come out with. I live in Hawaii so at first I bought them online because we didn't have a store here. I actually make my bath and body works purchases online instead of going into the store that we have here now. I feel if I went into the store I would pick up more than I need. So every time I buy online I only buy when they have a sale and when I have a coupon code. Shipping to hawaii is way more and the shipping specials they have sometimes don't apply to hawaii and so other places. I kind of take a risk because I don't get to smell it first before I buy, but I watch Youtube videos and people do reviews on what they like and I read the description. Out of all the scents I purchased, only one I didn't like so I gave it to my mom and she loves it.
So after my fist candle was all burned out I debated on what I could use the jar for. I seen a picture online of a glass cloche for jewelry and thought it was so beautiful. I checked how much they were and to me it cost to much. So I went on youtube to watch a video on how to clean the jars. My first batch of candles consist of maybe 4 jars. I boiled a pot of water and poured the hot water into the jar, let the wax come to the and poured it into a bucket, carefully I removed the metal piece that holds the wicker, clean the glue that holds the wicker, wiped the jar with a paper towel, scraped the paper at the bottom, remove the label, the jar is still a little hot so its makes it easy to remove these things. If the jar still has a little wax in it you can use Goo Gone and it makes all the leftover wax come off instantly.
I used my jar for my bracelets, q-tips, flowers and I had some small candle jars that I used for rubber bands. It looks really nice.

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